Plates on the door, Plates for the office, Checks for offices

Any modern office should be equipped with accessible and necessary means of visual communication. These are signs on the doors, signposts in offices and industrial premises, information from which all comers receive in time. The plate may contain important elements of corporate identity: a trademark, logo or pictograms indicating the scope of activity.


The main types of plastic plates for the office:

- entrance office plate with a logo and the name of the company.

- door signs for the office (office number, employee name).

- desktop office plates for managers on work with clients, plates for office on little tables.

- warning and information signs for the office, danger signs, signs, exit signs.

- information signs for the office (information about the operation mode of the organization, internal rules, signs of type OPEN / CLOSED, signs for the office with an evacuation scheme)..

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