Branding cars. Pasting advertising from the manufacturer

Branding a car is an alternative, effective, and most importantly, budget advertising for your brand. It is carried out by means of pasting with a logo, advertising banner or image of the range of your products, body of a personal or corporate car.

A car with a company logo or slogan will add solidity to the brand, and a bright advertisement on the back of a brand new car will attract attention and encourage a potential client to take action.

Advertising on motor vehicles is focused not only on pedestrians, like billboards or streetlines, for example, but also on drivers and passengers. Standing in a traffic jam or being a passenger of public transport, it’s hard not to notice a non-standard car.

However, not all advertising can be called successful. Many try to save on the work of designers or film quality. This is not the right decision! Advertising on transport should be bright, the entire text is readable, the fonts are pleasing to the eye and of course the material should be of high quality, and pasting is professional.

Advantages of car branding
  •  Dynamism. Mobile advertising covers a greater flow of potential customers than static types of advertising.
  •  Brand is always in sight. Such advertising enhances the status of the company and strengthens the image.
  •  Low cost, relative to most types of outdoor advertising.
  •  Preparation of the film and pasting cars, does not take you much time. Branding of cars, is made in the minimum terms, in the presence of the client.
  •  Any shapes and colors. From a small logo on the hood, to huge color banners. All this you can afford thanks to the branding of the car.
  •  Thanks to the film coating, the machine is glued and scratched and does not corrode.
 Branding is suitable for the following types of transport
  • Taxi. There are many services, but the customer will remember yours, if the car is full of bright logo and phone number for new customers.
  • This category also includes freight and passenger transportation.
  • Public transport. This is a very large and effective advertising platform. No matter who you are, a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger of the very public transport, a large image, a slogan or a call to action, everyone will definitely remember. After all, the size of modern public transport can envy any billboard.
  • Corporate transportation. Branding of official cars is an essential attribute of a reputable company. The machine will advertise your company, without words and extra costs.
Stages of creating advertising on your car
Stage One: Order

It is simple to order pasting by advertising on a car in Baku. You need to contact by contact number or online, with our manager, specify the scale, design, color solutions and a convenient date for pasting cars.

StageTwo: LayoutDesign

Possessing the headquarters of professional designers, we are ready to offer original solutions and realize your wishes. The layout can be prepared according to customer’s sketches.

Stage Three: Printing

For printing, we use modern equipment and quality materials. The film is printed in the shortest possible time (about two – three hours).

Thefourthstage: Pasting

Pasting is usually carried out on the territory of the Papaprintcompany, with the customer or under the supervision of video cameras. Our employees guarantee the quality of work and the speed of implementation that you would like to order a car branding from us, more than once.


Advantages of branding in N-Advert advertising agency

Full range of services

We provide a full range of services, which includes rendering, layouts, production and installation.


Operational deadlines

We operate with real deadlines so as not to mislead our customers. Each order is led by your personal manager, ready to answer any questions.


Own production

We have our own production area of 350 m², so that the cost of manufacturing products will always be lower than the average market cost.

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