Production of interior advertising.

Interiors advertising this is a type of advertising that is placed directly on the premises and retail outlets and is an integral part of the mechanism that drives trade forward. Its main plus is an immediate impact on the choice of the buyer.  It is an assistant and faithful companion of outdoor advertising. Of course, like any other advertising, interior should also be noticeable, be bright, informative and interesting. This gives it a chance to stay in the memory of your customers for a long time and pushes them to choose one or another product advertised.But interior advertising should also carry a decorative meaning - to complement the interior, decorating it. Ugly decorated, of poor quality, it becomes not only inconspicuous, but also repels potential and real customers.


The interior advertising turnover includes a wide range of printing products, starting from calendars, business cards and booklets, and ending with posters, mobiles and stands. Our company is engaged in the manufacture of interior advertising of almost all types:

  1. Signboards, boards, navigation system (mobiles) - POS-materials that are always in full view of the visitor;
  2. Window dressing is an important factor in successful interior advertising, the first step after outdoor advertising, affecting the visual assessment of the consumer of your establishment;
  3. Decorative lights, or light boxes - small light boxes, elegantly decorated in the same room style, will once again attract the attention of the buyer and highlight the reliability of your company, which is another advantage in determining your marketing position;
  4. Canvases with interior printing - in addition to advertising, they can create a pleasant atmosphere that promotes the correct choice of the consumer;

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